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Solo Practice, can doctors survive?

In Business, Doctors, Healthcare, Medicolegal on February 25, 2012 at 3:00 pm

A solo practitioner faces so many challenges. Doctors keep loosing their decision-making “power” on what medication to prescribe; tests, imaging and labs to order, etc. Denials for prescribed medications is on the rise, constant request for authorization, changing medications for other options covered by the health plan. Multiple authorization for tests such as MRI’s, denials, peer reviews. Lowering fees from health insurances, rising office expenses. Constant threat of legal claims/malpractice even if no wrong doing. Incorporation of all kind of technology that means paying license support/e-prescribing services/e-claims processing etc forever. Hospitals acquiring solo and group practices across board. I thought than when I studied medicine it was to cure patients and if unable to cure them, provide the best quality of care.